Agile. Simpler.

Straightforward task management for agile teams.

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  • Easily track multiple sprints across multiple projects
  • Assign tasks to both vendors and product owners
  • Overview of upcoming weekly tasks for each project
  • Transparently monitor and manage budgets
  • Store ideas and future tasks in the icebox
  • Quickly review sprints when they end, recording time spent

What is agile?

An agile process revolves around sourcing requirements and generating solutions through flexibility and collaboration. Essentially, instead of working to a fixed specification dreamt up in isolation months ago, agile promotes adaptive planning and frequent delivery in small increments.

An animated graphic showing a large block being split up into many small blocks

Being agile: Splitting complex project into manageable sprints

Why Sprintr?

One of the biggest difficulties we faced as a web agency was how to reconcile an agile workflow and client project work. Although the flexibility of agile was welcomed by our clients, it didn't prove very easy to track the high-level user stories that arose on the average web site. We wanted to create something simple that facilitated true agility in a way that was applicable - and beneficial - to companies like our own.

Sprintr: An agile process that works with clients